Ōtautahi stand the f*ck up.

It is with deep disappointment and a heavy heart that one of our own Conscious Club whanau was racially and violently attacked on 1st August 2020.

Questions in our minds “WTF? Why is this STILL happening after a huge recent black lives matter movement”

“What do we do? How can we make safe places?”

Out of respect to the victims involved we are not sharing their names so will refer to them as Adam and Eve – and will share their story (with their permission)

Adam and Eve had just attended the coolest skate event. Throughout this event Adam had been approached and hassled by several Pākehā men. These men would point out Adam’s colour and ethnicity and compare him to other well known people of colour (like characters out of video games and famous rappers).

After a while Adam asked the men politely to stop and just enjoy the rest of their evening. Adam and Eve decided to head home, they went outside to get their bikes, as they were unlocking their bikes they saw the individuals who had bothered them all evening. Waiting in an empty and dark carpark.

Guy 1:“Lets go lay this c**t out on the floor”

Pointing towards Adam

Adam replied: Are you talking to me? What have I done?

Guy 2: Don’t get ahead of yourself C**t, move the fuck on.

Adam:Come on man – what’s your problem do you even know me?

Guy 2: Back up or I’m gonna fuck you up

This guy walks towards Adam, with his friends jumping out of their car and surrounding Adam, yelling insults and threats.

Adam: WTF – jog on, GO home

Adam turns around to face this group with his girlfriend at his side. The group surrounds Adam. One of them sneaks around a van and strikes Adam in the back of the head.

All of a sudden 4-5 guys push Adam, pin Adam against the van and start punching him.

Yelling “Dirty n*gger”, “Dumb n*gger”, “Lets fuck this n*gger up”

Adam, filled with rage and fear stands his ground and attempts to fight off the assailants.

Eve is distraught screaming; Eve sees one of the men pick up a skateboard and try smash the skateboard over his head. Eve runs over, pulls one of the guys out of the way and then also gets struck in the head.

The men continue with their attack regardless of the innocent parties being hurt. All the while continuing to hurl racial abuse at Adam.

Eventually a bystander intervenes and calls the police, the group disperse with the main 2 assailants running off in the distance continuing to yell racial slurs.

It has been 19 days since the incident and there has still been no justice.

Adam trying to do the right thing contacts the police a couple of days later. Unfortunately things only get worse.

Adam, reporting his case, suggests that this is a hate crime on top of aggravated assault. The police officer in question told Adam that it was a petty assault at best. The officer then questioned Adam on how he would have instigated this situation himself.

Yes, 2020 and the police officer attempted a subtle form of victim blaming.

Adam pressed on, he wanted the system to prove it works. Witness statement handed in, charges being pressed it was Eve's turn to hand in a witness statement the following week.

The police told Eve that she should not hand in a witness statement because of the amount of work it takes the police and the impact it would create in her own life. This officer also told Eve that Adam had not finished his witness statement, Adam walked out of the police station explaining he did not want an investigation. This is entirely false, Adam did not walk out.

Adam contacted the police to make a formal complaint. The police officers Adam had spoken to on this new occasion were tremendously helpful and sympathetic towards Adams' struggle. They were shocked an officer would behave in such a way and found it terrifying that Adams' case had spent 14 days without being assigned to a police officer. This was due to the original police officer not correctly following up the case.

Adam had heard from this new officer that this is not the only occasion something like this has happened and that he should make a complaint with Internal Affairs.

Adam has since made an official complaint and is waiting on what happens next.

There has still been no news on the current investigation regarding the assailants

This story isn’t just a story – its real life. One innocent coloured man and his partner attacked for the colour of his skin.

We need to do better Christchurch.

In response to the horrific incident we’ve decided to host an Anti-Racism event, where we will have 3 guest speakers and an open mic for anyone who feels comfortable to share their experiences and their stories.

We need to educate the racists that this behaviour is not okay, and if you behave this way you will not be accepted into the community.

Let's unite against Racism – If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.

If you are keen to be involved fill out the form here.

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